An Effective Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction Besides Viagra: Look out for Inhalable Viagra !

To add to the list of the effective drugs available for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, namely Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, another medicine known by the medical name VR004 is fast emerging as a potential cure of erectile dysfunction. Regarding this new medication, it is also being reported that the drug has shown clinically successful results in treating erectile dysfunction in men. But is it a proper remedy for male impotency? Let’s straighten out the facts by considering the details associated with the drug one by one.

The tremendous jubilation generated among the erectile dysfunction patients when the first oral pill to treat erectile dysfunction, Viagra proved a super success in curing impotency, was indeed an eye opener to the imaginable extent Viagra has bettered the lives of erectile dysfunction patients around the world. The record of Viagra in successfully treating erectile dysfunction patients has never been broken and there is also no sign that in the near future a particular medicine would be able to surpass Viagra effects.

As far as the statistical records relating to the clinical effectiveness of the new drug VR004 is concerned, the result displays that 83 per cent erectile dysfunction afflicted people from among the 600 tested have been considerably relieved from the grip of the disorder on account of which the drug predicts a promising future.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction through an inhalable drug is an absolutely new concept and if the new medication VR004, manufactured by the British biotechnology company, Vectura succeeds to cure impotency in a large scale across the world it would be a stupendous achievement for the pharmaceutical company. Dr Chris Blackwell, chief executive of Vectura, pronounces that the medicine is emerging as a fast and emerging form of erectile dysfunction treatment but the lager influence of the medication in treating impotency throughout the world is yet to be observed.

Significantly, a whole array of erectile dysfunction treatments is available in the market but all the available methods to treat impotency have not so far proved adequate to suit the purpose. And with most of the procedures to cure impotency such as psychological therapy, vacuum devices and other forms of cure coming a cropper in treating erectile dysfunction, only Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and other drugs are left out as effective measures to deal with the menace of erectile dysfunction. So, similar to the FDA approval received by Viagra, if the inhalable medicine is approved by some renowned drug authority, it would be a considerable help for the medicine to emerge as a wholesome cure of impotency.

While waiting for the definitive moment when the medicine would be regarded as a officially approved treatment of male erectile dysfunction, you are undoubtedly putting your patience to test, but it is not entirely impossible that the drug would not be regarded as a noteworthy remedy for erectile dysfunction in the near future. So, till then, what to do? Just wait and watch!

Cialis & impotence treatment: fire up your sex drive with Cialis

No matter what you have now, there’s always plenty of room for thinking about those things you miss: others may have a better job, a faster car, or a top-notch device. With all these thoughts, there’s one thing that almost every man faces at least once in his life: erectile dysfunction. Indeed, there are many factors that affect the sex function in men starting from fatigue to stress to various infections. In fact, there are over 10 million men in the U.S. who experience this problem.
However, there is a contingent of men that have erectile problems more than once in life. Such health conditions as hypertension, diabetes, poor blood circulation can affect blood flow to the genital organs. Physical occlusion such as enlarged prostate, hormonal disorders, or the use of some drugs, like antidepressants, can also result in erectile dysfunction, or ED. About 20% of male population can also have psychological difficulties that may lead to bad sexual health.
It is important to remember that age doesn’t play a crucial factor when it comes to sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting on in years. It simply shows that some measures are needed to improve your sexual health: sports activities, healthy dieting, better job, etc. In some cases, you will need a medical aid like generic Tadalafil tablets, which proved to be very effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
In most cases, erectile dysfunction can be sided by removing the cause, i.e. a disease or some malfunctioning. However, other cases require the use of such medication as Cialis that helps in the restoration of sex drive.
The mechanism of action of this drug impacts both the blood vessels and muscular tissue of the reproductive organs. This increases blood flow to the penis relaxing the spongy muscles and dilating blood vessels – the process, which results in a steady erection.
This is you who handle the situation, not Tadalafil
It is often thought that when you take Tadalafil, you will no longer control the time when you have an erection, similar to the times when you were juvenile. However, the drug works only when there is certain stimulation, and it is ready for battle whenever you are.
What makes the pill even more appealing is that its action is effective for up to 36 hours; therefore you shouldn’t occasionally take the drug just when your dinner time is over. Take Tadalafil citrate in the morning and keep your mind in peace thinking about more important things around you!
Be sure to call your doctor before taking Cialis
As a rule, Cialis is well tolerated; however there are a number of unwanted reactions that may occur after the drug’s intake. Therefore, make sure you are well informed about the possible side effects. In some cases, you may have sore muscles or pain in your back, but these reactions usually are over within 24 hours. If you are in pain for more than 24 hours, make sure you call your doctor to discuss your further actions.
Tadalafil citrate may interact with other drugs affecting blood flow or pressure; therefore it is very important that you let your doctor know about any medication you take at the time.
Once everything is clear and you have your prescription in hands, you can buy cheap Tadalafil at your local pharmacy or any online drug store. Start your new sex life with cheap Cialis and stop worrying about such things as no or lack of erection!

The Viagra condom

A condom is like a bag that helps in catching semen during sexual intercourse. It covers the penis and is made of a thin latex or rubber or animal skin. The use of condom does not require any medical prescription, and it is found in small packages. The use of condoms prevents unwanted pregnancy in women as well as sexually transmitted diseases. With the change in market trend, a new condom called the Viagra condom has come to man’s rescue for a better and healthier sex life. The Viagra condom has some very positive results to back it, and has proved highly beneficial for a majority of men.

The Viagra condom helps in having bigger and firmer erections with sexual experience that lasts longer. The main function of Viagra condom is to enlarge the penis and help men in getting immense sex pleasure while providing safety as well. The use of this condom has changed with time and now a new variety of condom is out in the market that has a gel at its tip for making the arteries widen and increasing the blood flow to the penis, which helps in making it firmer and increases penis erection for a long lasting sex experience with his partner. The use of condom helps checking the spread of diseases like Chlamydia and AIDS. It even helps in avoiding unplanned pregnancy in women.

Older men face many problems like erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension, which can ruin their sex life. In the first case, the penis cannot be erected firmly and it is not hard enough. The person can also face the problem of premature ejaculation. Viagra or Sildenafil helps in curing these. This drug works for the cause of improving sex life. Viagra condoms also help in curing such problems. Buy Viagra online because the drug Viagra and others like it have some or the other kind of side effects such as headaches, nasal congestion, indigestion and back pain. The intake of Viagra can also cause further problems such as lowering of the blood pressure. It is suggested that men who take medication containing nitrates should not use Viagra. The drug can help reducing the pulmonary pressure on arteries at high attitudes improving the ability of exercising the body in low oxygen area. The Viagra condom does not have any side effects like other drugs.

The intake of Viagra puts a check on erectile dysfunction that is otherwise known as impotency in man and is the inability of a man’s penis to maintain the erection through the sexual intercourse for complete satisfaction. It does not matter whether he has ejaculation capabilities but erectile dysfunction spoils his sex life. The use of Viagra brings him back to his sex life. Viagra condoms help in curing erectile dysfunction along with providing safety from unplanned pregnancies and the sexually transmitted diseases.

These special Viagra condoms are available online on various sites. You can order them online or place your order through the phone, fax or email. They can easily be delivered at your doorstep. So go ahead and try the safe way of making love!

Women’s response to Viagra

The introduction of Viagra by Pfizer in the year 1998 brought about a revolution in the lives of many couples distressed with problems such as erectile dysfunction and even a lack of interest in sex. The little blue pill was introduced amidst controversy and a lot of hue and cry regarding the moral degradation it would bring about. But the fact remains that the pill has been able to help many men recover their sexual potency by curing their medical problem of erectile dysfunction. By the end of the 1999-2000 Viagra annual sales touched $ 1 billion.

Along with men, the benefits enjoyed by women by the introduction of Viagra have also been immense. The sexual pleasure enjoyed by the women is increased because of longer and harder erections. The drug has also enabled several couples to regain their control over their sexual life.

With the drastic changes brought in by the drug in men, researchers have also tried to determine the effects of Viagra on the sexual health of women. The hypothesis being that since Sildenafil (Viagra) is a drug which helps in muscle relaxation and in increasing the flow of blood to the genitals (leading to erections in men); the same should be true for women. However, the results regarding the effectiveness of the pill on women are contradictory and vary widely. Researchers are divided on the subject with no consensus emerging among them.

Researchers of the Columbia Presbyterian Center in New York worked on women who had reached menopause (which makes sex uncomfortable or difficult for many women because of lack of lubrication or sensation and arousal) and had been experiencing sexual problems for at least six months. The volunteers were treated with Viagra for 12 weeks.

The researchers have come to the conclusion that the drug, which generally works by increasing the levels of nitric oxide on the body, did succeed in increasing the blood flow to the genitals of women. However, the benefits of the drug seemed to end there with only about 25% of the respondents reporting an improvement in sexual pleasure. This figure is only as much as the placebo effect on respondents.

The level of sexual satisfaction or increase in sexual desire in the women was not significant. Despite an improvement in the clitoral sensation as well as lubrication, the final conclusion reached by these researchers was that Viagra has the potential to work and help in sexual function only if a person is aroused and that it has no role in increasing the level of sexual arousal in a woman. Researchers linked the lack of enjoyment in women to mean a more emotional rather than a physical response to sex.

Buy Viagra because most researches into the subject have revealed that Viagra may only be helpful in addressing some of the physical problems of sexual dissatisfaction or female impotency by increasing the blood flow into the genitals. However, if the problems are linked to other problems such as psychological problems (stress, depression) or relationship problems leading to lack of arousal or interest in sex, the pill may not be of any help.

Dapoxetine Side Effects and How to Avoid them

Dapoxetine is an antidepressant drug available by prescription for treating premature ejaculation. Like with all prescription drugs, there are some possible side effects from taking Dapoxetine. In most cases, these side effects (if any) are mild and not cause for you to worry.

Common Dapoxetine Side Effects which are NOT Serious
•Pains in stomach area
•Feeling weak
•Dried mouth
•Chills or sweats
•Grinding teeth
•Nasal congestion

In addition to these common side effects from Dapoxetine, the medicine may also uncommonly cause these unserious side effects: orgasm failure, mild paranoia, impotence, or low libido.

Dapoxetine enters and leaves the body system very quickly. So, if you have any side effects, they should be gone within a couple hours of taking the medicine. If you have any side effects from Dapoxetine which last a prolonged period of time, then you should consult your doctor.

Uncommon Dapoxetine Side Effects which May be Serious
•Increased blood pressure
•Blurry vision
•Dizzy spells or fainting
•Abnormal pulse
•Severe changes in mood

If you have any of these side effects, you should not take Dapoxetine again until you talk to your doctor. If the side effects are very severe, then you should talk to your doctor right away.

Avoiding Dapoxetine Side Effects

There isn’t too much that you can do to avoid side effects from Dapoxetine. Some men are simply more sensitive to the medicine than others. If you feel nauseous or faint from taking Dapoxetine, then you should try eating a light meal before taking the medicine. Also, always take Dapoxetine with a full glass of water. This prevents you from becoming dehydrated, which can lead to dizziness, blurry vision, or orgasm failure.

The best way to avoid side effects from Dapoxetine is to take the medicine exactly as you were prescribed. Never take more than one dosage of Dapoxetine at once. Studies show that larger dosages of Dapoxetine do not significantly improve lasting time but a large dosage of Dapoxetine could make you have unpleasant side effects. These side effects could interfere with your ability to perform well in bed. You should not take Dapoxetine more than once in a period of 24 hours.

While it is generally considered safe to take Dapoxetine with alcohol, it is advised that you avoid alcohol completely while taking Dapoxetine. The premature ejaculation drug can increase the side effects associated with alcohol. So, if you are normally fine drinking a few beers, you may start to feel very sick and disoriented after those few drinks while on Dapoxetine. The alcohol can also lead to temporary erectile dysfunction so you won’t be able to take advantage of the lasting powers that Dapoxetine gives you.

How frequently can you take Dapoxetine safely?

Dapoxetine comes in three dosage amounts: 30 mg, 60 mg, and 100 mg. It is generally advised that you do not take Dapoxetine more than once in a period of 24 hours, regardless of the dosage amount which you are taking. This will give your body adequate time to expel the medicine from your body before you take more of it. If you take dosages of Dapoxetine too close together, then the drug could build up in your system and cause undesirable and unpleasant side effects.

One of the reasons that Dapoxetine is suitable for treating premature ejaculation is because it does get out of the body quickly compared to other antidepressant drugs. The half-life (the time it takes for the body to remove half of a drug) of Dapoxetine is just about an hour and a half. Unfortunately, this short half-life can also be a major disadvantage to men with premature ejaculation who want to have sex several times in one day. With Dapoxetine, you could have longer-lasting sex several times within a period of 1-2 hours, but not throughout the day because the medicine would have worn off by then.

Talk to Your Doctor about a Long-Term Solution

Dapoxetine is a great solution for treating premature ejaculation quickly and easily. However, it may not be the best option for long-term treatment because it can only be taken once per day. If you want to have long-lasting sex without having to worry about taking a Dapoxetine pill beforehand each time, then you should talk to your doctor about other ways to last longer in bed.

Premature ejaculation is often caused by stress, anxiety, improper diet, or lack of exercise – all of which can decrease the amount of serotonin in the brain. By working on living a healthy lifestyle, you may be able to overcome premature ejaculation without pills. A healthy lifestyle is not just about what you do, but also about what you do not do. You should avoid drugs, including alcohol, as these can upset your nervous system.

While it takes some time to master, many men have successfully used cognitive-behavioral therapy to overcome premature ejaculation. This is better known as the start-stop method. With Dapoxetine to help you in bed last longer, the start-stop method is much more practical to put into use.

Doing pelvic flood exercises can help you get better control over your ejaculations. These exercises are often called Kegel exercises, after the name of the man who innovated them. To do Kegel exercises, you must repeatedly contracting the muscles of the pelvic floor. These muscles can be difficult to isolate at first, especially since we are not use to using them alone. Start out with just a few Kegel exercises daily and then work up to larger sets of them regularly. Aside from helping with premature ejaculation, Kegel exercises can also help you avoid incontinence problems later in life. They are also said to increase the size and intensity of your ejaculations.

Why Dapoxetine is the only SSRI approved for premature ejaculation

Dapoxetine is a type of antidepressant drug called a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, or SSRI. It is only approved (in select countries) for treating premature ejaculation, NOT depression. By contrast, other SSRI antidepressants are only approved for treating depression and NOT premature ejaculation. This may seem like a strange paradox but there are some unique qualities of Dapoxetine which make it suitable for premature ejaculation whereas other antidepressants are not. These qualities include:

•The time it takes for Dapoxetine to enter the body
•Half-life, or the time it takes for half of Dapoxetine to exit the body

Absorption of Dapoxetine

Compared to other antidepressant drugs, Dapoxetine enters the body very quickly. After just 30 minutes of taking the medicine, it is already at its peak, very-high levels in the body. Compare this to other antidepressants like Prozac which takes 6 to 8 hours to enter the body. When Prozac does get absorbed into the body, it only reaches peak plasma levels of about 72%. That is why you have to take Prozac and other antidepressants regularly for several weeks before you get the full effects; the drugs need to build up in the system. This is not the case with Dapoxetine.

Other antidepressants would be unsuitable for treating premature ejaculation simply because it would be impossible to time the dosage correctly. Further, you would have to take them regularly for several weeks before getting any benefits. Because Dapoxetine enters the body so quickly and almost immediately causes benefits, it is very suitable as an as-needed treatment for premature ejaculation.

Half-Life of Dapoxetine

In order for any drug to be approved, it must meet one essential requirement: its benefits outweigh the risks. While premature ejaculation is a serious condition, it is generally not considered serious enough to merit the risks associated with long-term use of antidepressants. Antidepressant drugs (along with the unserious side effects) can cause severe complications like liver damage, serotonin syndrome, impotence, tremors, fainting, changes in blood pressure, tardive dyskinesia, withdrawal symptoms, and even death.

Most antidepressants have very long half-lives, meaning that they stay in the body for a long time. Prozac, for example has a half-life of 1-3 days when taken just once and 4-6 days when it has been used for an extended period of time. The longer the half-life, the more likely that side effects will occur and that they will be severe. This is why antidepressants which are suitable for treating depression are not suitable for treating premature ejaculation.

By contrast, Dapoxetine has an incredibly short half-life of just about 1 ? hours. That means the drug is mostly out of your symptom very quickly. If you do have any side effects from Dapoxetine, you can feel happy knowing that they should dissipate quickly. Since the risk of side effects from Dapoxetine is so much lower compared to those long half-life antidepressants, Dapoxetine is suitable for premature ejaculation. Note that this short half-life also makes Dapoxetine unsuitable for treating depression. To be effective, patients would have to take a pill of Dapoxetine every few hours in order to maintain a steady supply of the medicine in the bloodstream.

Don’t Take Other Antidepressants for Premature Ejaculation!

There have been a lot of incidences of men taking antidepressants like Prozac and Zoloft for premature ejaculation. Sometimes these antidepressants are even sold at bars as “last longer” pills. Do not take them for premature ejaculation! Aside from being very risky, they aren’t going to help you on an as-needed basis. Talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for Dapoxetine instead.

Can Viagra Be Helpful Long Term?

Anyone who is in search of something that can help them to work long term and have a much better life at the end of the day needs to look at themselves hard in the mirror and learn whether they are doing everything that they can in order to get over their problem. The Viagra pill will help you to get over all the issues that you might be able to do without all of the help that you are able to do things in this way. If you are able to do something with this you are going to be a lot better off.

At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you are able to get all of the help that you need in order to get over all of these things. The vast majority of people cannot get over their long term issues without the help of the other aspects in their life. There is nothing that you should not do if you actually want to do it. Make sure that you are able to get the right method of doing things and everything be in order.

Aligning yourself at the end of the day is not something that can easily be done if you are not prepared to do so. The vast majority of people will not put the time and the effort into going out and making sure that they are able to get the helpful long term issues sorted every single time they are doing things while they are having a good time. The vast majority of people are just not going to have the right mentality about things and this is going to have a huge impact no matter what the case may be at the end of the day.

Levitra – How Does Levitra Save My Relationship?

There are many problems for men who have erectile dysfunction issues to deal with. Women who are partnered with a man with this problem has to deal with a lot of problems as a result as well. It is really a team effort, but the relationship can come under intense strain when things get rough. It is a good idea for you to focus on improving your relationship with the help of a specific prescription drug that can help improve your life in many ways. First of all, make sure you are getting a visit to your doctor as they’ll be the only ones that can help with getting the pill.

Levitra and Your Relationship

The biggest factor that comes out of erectile dysfunction is that men do not have the ability to have sex with their partner very often, which usually makes it nearly impossible for women to be satisfied. Even though there are perceptions that women enjoy sex less often than males, it is not at all the case. It is a much different story that you should be focused on as best as you possibly can.

Levitra can help you to get an erection in the short term, which is what is necessary for saving your relationship. You might not think that this is something that is altogether connected, but it is definitely a method that you should use as best as you can. Levitra can help you in this way more than you would have ever imagined otherwise.

Mending Broken Fences

Your partner is probably not going to enjoy all the time that you spend trying to get over your erectile dysfunction problem, so it is a good idea for you to give her something in return. You have to make sure she feels comfortable with the things that you are doing. This way she will give you a huge advantage in a number of different ways. Make sure you are focused on getting the Levitra in your life and you’ll have a lot more success.

At the end of the day, your relationship is not only just sex, but also the relationship as a whole. This means the communication and the confidence and anger dynamic of each individual. When impotence becomes an issue, this is severely altered. Men suddenly become less confident and angrier, which means that they get a really unfortunate problem that they cannot maintain the same demeanor as before.

When men start to become dependent upon having sex with their partner and this becomes a huge problem, there are all kinds of issues that they have to deal with. It is far better to focus on mending the fences with your partner in order to get over these erectile dysfunction schisms that might end an otherwise good relationship. In the short term, this can be done by having more sex. Get a doctor to prescribe Levitra so that you can get back to sex and help you save your own relationship with your partner.

Cialis -Top Ten Questions And Answers

What happens if you’ll find persons who wish to use Cialis but are not rather certain it as there is no supplier advised to answer to their complications.Are you interested in this medication and wish to put it to use? Consider these:

1. What does Cialis take care of?

Cialis is by and large familiar with take care of troubles of and preserving more durable, come across by adult men, this beares the naming of erection failure.

2. How much does Cialis specifically?

What Cialis does is developing some consequences created by some compounds within a shape, in the full sexual confidence. It really is consequently an improvement of the blood flow into one particular male organ. Ita??s this that tougher erection is: the rise of circulation of blood to the internal areas of your penis.

3. Exactly what is the distinction between Cialis as well as other items useful for healing precisely the same challenges?

The main one distinction between Cialis plus some other products and solutions accredited by Impotence would be the fact it is still there lengthier in a system. Other variations pertaining to protection or performance that may distinct Cialis using products of its kind are not learned nonetheless.

4. How must just one get Cialis?

Cialis is must be used orally ahead of any lovemaking work, however it’s not best to bring it a couple of times every day. There’s no need to take it immediately after eatting. It’s not necessary.Some clients is capable of holding certain alterations in using Cialis. anyhow individuals must consult his medical doctor.

5.Which are the uncomfortable side effects of Cialis if you will find any?

Similar to any substance products, side effects might appear. The most common models are:head aches, rear aches, muscles discomfort, stuffy nose area or indigestions. These usually continue to persist in your body among 12 and 24 hors. Challenges connected with eye-sight were also described.

6.What are points you certainly want to find out about Cialis? -Cialis can be the reason for a sudden decline of just one hypertension levels, if taken in addition to nitrate medicine or alpha-blocker medicine( which are widely-used to treatment prostatic hyperplasia and even high blood pressure) some other than FLOMAX, .4 milligrams every day. One can possibly think dizzy, weak or have a heart stroke.

-You need to consult his physician if consuming Cialis for the reason that with regards to heart related illnesses your doctor or health care provider have to know when Cialis was past consumed.

-One ought to understand that after having utilised 1 talet of Cialis, the constituents may remain a problem in their human body in excess of 48 hours regarding lean meats or filtering system troubles, or whenever using other procedure.

7.What really should 1 enlighten his medical professional if he points to it’s important to adopt Cialis?

Acquiring into the fact the sexual practice is should trigger a rise inside center perform, your personal doctor may want to no matter whether Cialis is or possibly law a single center.In the case of and also the sickness known as ventricular wall socket congestion from valvular concerns or soul muscular tissues enlargement uncomfortable side effects can happen: fainting, cadence or severe headaches. Individuals who definitely have endured of heart conditions: anginas, soul disaster or swings, not long ago, ought not get Cialis when or painful erection hardness may appear. This problem is quite really serious and needs vital medical treatment. In the case of an erection which persists for more than 4 time medical treatment is necessary.

8.What persons are a no-no for taking Cialis?

Sufferers that happen to be working with nitrates(nitroglycer) or alpha blockers( excepting for FLOMAX) must not consider Cialis mindful about can happen reduced blood pressure levels which is the root cause of fainting or maybe death occasionally.

9. Imagine if the client is taking different kind of medicine?

In this case, you will need to check with his doctor or medical doctor when he is the one that could most sage advice in this case. Nonetheless, Cialis is just not suitable person’s that are working with Nitroglycerins or alpha dog-blockers.

10. How can just one uncover Cialis?

Cialis can be obtained as by mouth tablets in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg muscle.

In conclusion, hopefully the next few paragraphs also comes in side for any individuals who are intending to use Cialis because it is very important to consider the contract details making sure that no complications needs to be durante countered.

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