Why Dapoxetine is the only SSRI approved for premature ejaculation

Dapoxetine is a type of antidepressant drug called a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, or SSRI. It is only approved (in select countries) for treating premature ejaculation, NOT depression. By contrast, other SSRI antidepressants are only approved for treating depression and NOT premature ejaculation. This may seem like a strange paradox but there are some unique qualities of Dapoxetine which make it suitable for premature ejaculation whereas other antidepressants are not. These qualities include:

•The time it takes for Dapoxetine to enter the body
•Half-life, or the time it takes for half of Dapoxetine to exit the body

Absorption of Dapoxetine

Compared to other antidepressant drugs, Dapoxetine enters the body very quickly. After just 30 minutes of taking the medicine, it is already at its peak, very-high levels in the body. Compare this to other antidepressants like Prozac which takes 6 to 8 hours to enter the body. When Prozac does get absorbed into the body, it only reaches peak plasma levels of about 72%. That is why you have to take Prozac and other antidepressants regularly for several weeks before you get the full effects; the drugs need to build up in the system. This is not the case with Dapoxetine.

Other antidepressants would be unsuitable for treating premature ejaculation simply because it would be impossible to time the dosage correctly. Further, you would have to take them regularly for several weeks before getting any benefits. Because Dapoxetine enters the body so quickly and almost immediately causes benefits, it is very suitable as an as-needed treatment for premature ejaculation.

Half-Life of Dapoxetine

In order for any drug to be approved, it must meet one essential requirement: its benefits outweigh the risks. While premature ejaculation is a serious condition, it is generally not considered serious enough to merit the risks associated with long-term use of antidepressants. Antidepressant drugs (along with the unserious side effects) can cause severe complications like liver damage, serotonin syndrome, impotence, tremors, fainting, changes in blood pressure, tardive dyskinesia, withdrawal symptoms, and even death.

Most antidepressants have very long half-lives, meaning that they stay in the body for a long time. Prozac, for example has a half-life of 1-3 days when taken just once and 4-6 days when it has been used for an extended period of time. The longer the half-life, the more likely that side effects will occur and that they will be severe. This is why antidepressants which are suitable for treating depression are not suitable for treating premature ejaculation.

By contrast, Dapoxetine has an incredibly short half-life of just about 1 ? hours. That means the drug is mostly out of your symptom very quickly. If you do have any side effects from Dapoxetine, you can feel happy knowing that they should dissipate quickly. Since the risk of side effects from Dapoxetine is so much lower compared to those long half-life antidepressants, Dapoxetine is suitable for premature ejaculation. Note that this short half-life also makes Dapoxetine unsuitable for treating depression. To be effective, patients would have to take a pill of Dapoxetine every few hours in order to maintain a steady supply of the medicine in the bloodstream.

Don’t Take Other Antidepressants for Premature Ejaculation!

There have been a lot of incidences of men taking antidepressants like Prozac and Zoloft for premature ejaculation. Sometimes these antidepressants are even sold at bars as “last longer” pills. Do not take them for premature ejaculation! Aside from being very risky, they aren’t going to help you on an as-needed basis. Talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for Dapoxetine instead.

Can Viagra Be Helpful Long Term?

Anyone who is in search of something that can help them to work long term and have a much better life at the end of the day needs to look at themselves hard in the mirror and learn whether they are doing everything that they can in order to get over their problem. The Viagra pill will help you to get over all the issues that you might be able to do without all of the help that you are able to do things in this way. If you are able to do something with this you are going to be a lot better off.

At the end of the day, you need to make sure that you are able to get all of the help that you need in order to get over all of these things. The vast majority of people cannot get over their long term issues without the help of the other aspects in their life. There is nothing that you should not do if you actually want to do it. Make sure that you are able to get the right method of doing things and everything be in order.

Aligning yourself at the end of the day is not something that can easily be done if you are not prepared to do so. The vast majority of people will not put the time and the effort into going out and making sure that they are able to get the helpful long term issues sorted every single time they are doing things while they are having a good time. The vast majority of people are just not going to have the right mentality about things and this is going to have a huge impact no matter what the case may be at the end of the day.

Levitra – How Does Levitra Save My Relationship?

There are many problems for men who have erectile dysfunction issues to deal with. Women who are partnered with a man with this problem has to deal with a lot of problems as a result as well. It is really a team effort, but the relationship can come under intense strain when things get rough. It is a good idea for you to focus on improving your relationship with the help of a specific prescription drug that can help improve your life in many ways. First of all, make sure you are getting a visit to your doctor as they’ll be the only ones that can help with getting the pill.

Levitra and Your Relationship

The biggest factor that comes out of erectile dysfunction is that men do not have the ability to have sex with their partner very often, which usually makes it nearly impossible for women to be satisfied. Even though there are perceptions that women enjoy sex less often than males, it is not at all the case. It is a much different story that you should be focused on as best as you possibly can.

Levitra can help you to get an erection in the short term, which is what is necessary for saving your relationship. You might not think that this is something that is altogether connected, but it is definitely a method that you should use as best as you can. Levitra can help you in this way more than you would have ever imagined otherwise.

Mending Broken Fences

Your partner is probably not going to enjoy all the time that you spend trying to get over your erectile dysfunction problem, so it is a good idea for you to give her something in return. You have to make sure she feels comfortable with the things that you are doing. This way she will give you a huge advantage in a number of different ways. Make sure you are focused on getting the Levitra in your life and you’ll have a lot more success.

At the end of the day, your relationship is not only just sex, but also the relationship as a whole. This means the communication and the confidence and anger dynamic of each individual. When impotence becomes an issue, this is severely altered. Men suddenly become less confident and angrier, which means that they get a really unfortunate problem that they cannot maintain the same demeanor as before.

When men start to become dependent upon having sex with their partner and this becomes a huge problem, there are all kinds of issues that they have to deal with. It is far better to focus on mending the fences with your partner in order to get over these erectile dysfunction schisms that might end an otherwise good relationship. In the short term, this can be done by having more sex. Get a doctor to prescribe Levitra so that you can get back to sex and help you save your own relationship with your partner.

Cialis -Top Ten Questions And Answers

What happens if you’ll find persons who wish to use Cialis but are not rather certain it as there is no supplier advised to answer to their complications.Are you interested in this medication and wish to put it to use? Consider these:

1. What does Cialis take care of?

Cialis is by and large familiar with take care of troubles of and preserving more durable, come across by adult men, this beares the naming of erection failure.

2. How much does Cialis specifically?

What Cialis does is developing some consequences created by some compounds within a shape, in the full sexual confidence. It really is consequently an improvement of the blood flow into one particular male organ. Ita??s this that tougher erection is: the rise of circulation of blood to the internal areas of your penis.

3. Exactly what is the distinction between Cialis as well as other items useful for healing precisely the same challenges?

The main one distinction between Cialis plus some other products and solutions accredited by Impotence would be the fact it is still there lengthier in a system. Other variations pertaining to protection or performance that may distinct Cialis using products of its kind are not learned nonetheless.

4. How must just one get Cialis?

Cialis is must be used orally ahead of any lovemaking work, however it’s not best to bring it a couple of times every day. There’s no need to take it immediately after eatting. It’s not necessary.Some clients is capable of holding certain alterations in using Cialis. anyhow individuals must consult his medical doctor.

5.Which are the uncomfortable side effects of Cialis if you will find any?

Similar to any substance products, side effects might appear. The most common models are:head aches, rear aches, muscles discomfort, stuffy nose area or indigestions. These usually continue to persist in your body among 12 and 24 hors. Challenges connected with eye-sight were also described.

6.What are points you certainly want to find out about Cialis? -Cialis can be the reason for a sudden decline of just one hypertension levels, if taken in addition to nitrate medicine or alpha-blocker medicine( which are widely-used to treatment prostatic hyperplasia and even high blood pressure) some other than FLOMAX, .4 milligrams every day. One can possibly think dizzy, weak or have a heart stroke.

-You need to consult his physician if consuming Cialis for the reason that with regards to heart related illnesses your doctor or health care provider have to know when Cialis was past consumed.

-One ought to understand that after having utilised 1 talet of Cialis, the constituents may remain a problem in their human body in excess of 48 hours regarding lean meats or filtering system troubles, or whenever using other procedure.

7.What really should 1 enlighten his medical professional if he points to it’s important to adopt Cialis?

Acquiring into the fact the sexual practice is should trigger a rise inside center perform, your personal doctor may want to no matter whether Cialis is or possibly law a single center.In the case of and also the sickness known as ventricular wall socket congestion from valvular concerns or soul muscular tissues enlargement uncomfortable side effects can happen: fainting, cadence or severe headaches. Individuals who definitely have endured of heart conditions: anginas, soul disaster or swings, not long ago, ought not get Cialis when or painful erection hardness may appear. This problem is quite really serious and needs vital medical treatment. In the case of an erection which persists for more than 4 time medical treatment is necessary.

8.What persons are a no-no for taking Cialis?

Sufferers that happen to be working with nitrates(nitroglycer) or alpha blockers( excepting for FLOMAX) must not consider Cialis mindful about can happen reduced blood pressure levels which is the root cause of fainting or maybe death occasionally.

9. Imagine if the client is taking different kind of medicine?

In this case, you will need to check with his doctor or medical doctor when he is the one that could most sage advice in this case. Nonetheless, Cialis is just not suitable person’s that are working with Nitroglycerins or alpha dog-blockers.

10. How can just one uncover Cialis?

Cialis can be obtained as by mouth tablets in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg muscle.

In conclusion, hopefully the next few paragraphs also comes in side for any individuals who are intending to use Cialis because it is very important to consider the contract details making sure that no complications needs to be durante countered.

Is generic viagra as good as real viagra?

There are a lot of people out there who have questions about generic Viagra. People are not really sure what it is, and they want to know if it is healthy and safe and also if it works just as well as Viagra does. Viagra is made and sold by the Pfizer company and this company patented and created this pill, which has sold amazing well all around the world and has helped many with their erectile dysfunction problems.

Though generic Viagra is not produced by the same company as real Viagra is, it contains the same chemical ingredient that makes Viagra do what it does. That ingredient is sildenafil citrate. If you want to know whether there is a big difference between using real and generic Viagra, it all really depends on who you ask. Naturally, if you ask Pfizer and the people who sell real Viagra which is better, they will tell you that the real Viagra is better and that generic brand Viagra is a waste of money. However, if you are asking people who use generic Viagra or people who produce it, they will tell you that generic Viagra works just as well as Viagra.

In fact, this has been proven in a lot of reports, and Viagra’s people are aware of this, however, they will tell you once again that it is not approved for sale in the U.S. and therefore is not safe or legal. One of the major differences, however, is in price. Viagra of course costs a lot more than generic Viagra. You might be asking yourself why that is. Well that is because if you want to develop and market a new drug on the US market and then manufacture and sell it legally, this will cost you at least 100 million dollars to start up, so you can see why such a product has to cost more – so that the company can make that money back. of course, Viagra has become immensely successful so Pfizer is definitely not losing any sleep over how much money they invested in the manufacturing of the drug. So, the generic Viagra costs a lot less that’s for sure, even up to 80 percent less at times.

If you ask people who sell generic Viagra or people who have used it and say that it is effective, they will tell you that it works just as quickly and just as well as the real Viagra does, since it is pretty much the same exact pill, minus all the expensive branding and the entire commercial aspect of Viagra. The rules that apply for Viagra apply for the generic type as well and people who want to use it should only use one pill in a 24 hour span of time. Generic Viagra is often sought out by people who want to use it recreationally. They can get generic Viagra without a prescription, while real Viagra can only be bought in a real pharmacy with the prescription of a doctor – in most cases.

Therefore, one advantage of generic Viagra is that it can be purchased easily, without a prescription from any of the thousands of online pharmacies that offer the product. This is very convenient for people who are embarrassed about their problems getting an erection and would rather not talk about the issue with anyone – even the doctor. It is also an easy solution for those people who do not have problems getting an erection, but want to use the pill in order to either have sex all night or be able to get an erection while heavily intoxicated, however, neither of these uses are recommend by people who sell the generic Viagra brand or the real one.

How to take Viagra to older men?

Erectile dysfunction is common in men of any age, but more concerned about the elderly. So men should pay special attention to the condition of his heart. If you have recurrent pain in the heart during exercise, we recommend you don’t rush to take the drug. Refer to a cardiologist. Doctor will help you calculate the appropriate dose of the drug, and possibly completely forbid you take it. The cause in that Viagra cannot be combined with drugs that contain nitrates. What do you do with the appearance of familiar pain in your heart? You take a tablet of nitroglycerin? That’s fine, but only if you previously didn’t take Viagra.

The joint use of Viagra and nitrates can cause a fatal drop in blood pressure.

By the way, there is an interesting point of view on the nature of erectile dysfunction in the elderly. It is believed that it protective mechanism to preserve human life.

Indeed, during sex is hard work of all organs and systems of the human body. A weak heart just cannot withstand such a load.

So, if you have any disease of the cardiovascular system, you should consult a cardiologist. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor about the proper admission of Viagra. If the doctor decides that the condition of your heart allows you to go to the tempting sexual journey with the magic blue pill, then – go ahead!

Buy Viagra Online and enjoy sexual life

Men are often affected by problems with impotence or other erection problem, it now occurs more frequently, every day there are more males who suffer from this type of sexual dysfunction by decreasing their level of performance and sexual satisfaction causing physical and emotional (psychological).

Now there are drug treatments to overcome these problems, such as buying viagra is a drug that provides a new opportunity for people who are affected by erectile problems, most men go through this type of problems as age that they will sexually afected.

For men the age is the cause of sexual dysfunction Erection problems as so many of them buy viagra to improve their sexual status, with the passing of the years the male sexual response is slower when you have this type impotence problems due to advances in science will be solved now.

Each time the age to suffer from sexual impotence problems shortens earlier presented most cases from 40 years now are giving a lot of cases in which the age of 30 years is that now many men are emotionally affected by stress, work problems, home problems, fatigue, anxiety, routine and other partner so that also affects the sexual life and male sexual performance.

If you do not suffer from any problem with erection specialists also recommend buying viagra since it is a drug that helps improve blood circulation, improves erections, we higher durability and strength.

Is Viagra Safe For Everyone To Use?

Viagra (Sildenafil) is safe for all men who suffer from erectile dysfunction to use. There is no set age for the onset of erectile dysfunction, though it is more common in men who are in their 50’s or 60’s. Even though this is the case, young men can be impotent as well, though it usually stems more from psychological issues, including low self esteem, inability to perform in bed, low self confidence, and performance anxiety. Once ingested, Sildenafil, the main drug in Viagra, inhibits the PDE5 enzyme, giving blood vessels the ability to expand, thus allowing an increase in the flow of blood to get to the penis. The increased flow of blood creates a long, and hard erection that can last throughout sexual pleasure. Viagra lasts in your system from four to six hours until it is metabolized.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, no matter your age, you need to be aware that certain other medications and past and present medical conditions can prohibit you from taking Viagra. Sometimes, despite a medical condition or a medication, you can still take Viagra, you just need to have regular medical checkups with your primary care physician to monitor your condition to make sure there are no adverse affects from the mixing of two medications or with a current medical conditions.

Medications that should not be mixed with Viagra include nitrates, alpha blockers, and HIV medications. A combination of both medications in your body can result in severe blood pressure fluctuations, heart attack, and stroke. If your doctor allows you to take both medications, he will give you a warning that you space out the medications by 48 hours to prohibit the ability for the drugs to comingle in your system.

Medical conditions that can hinder the safety of Viagra use include diabetes, heart disease, kidney or liver disease, and blood pressure fluctuations. The combination of these medical conditions and Viagra (Sildenafil) can exacerbate your current medical condition. Your doctor might prescribe you a lose dose of Viagra, tell you to wait 48 hours between Viagra tablets (instead of the usual 24), and will ask that you come in for regular check-ups.

Be safe when you take Viagra, so it will help you get that long lasting, hard erection and you can say goodbye to impotence and hello to sexual stimulation.

Cialis vs. Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can have many causes. Patients suffering often have difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection to take part in sexual activity – fortunately, there are many options available to treat erectile dysfunction.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction range between natural treatments that avoid the use of traditional erectile dysfunction medications, and prescription drugs that can help to increase blood flow to the penis to improve functioning. Additional treatments are becoming available as the stigma surrounding erectile dysfunction begins to disappear.

What are some of the benefits of natural treatment to treat erectile dysfunction?
1.No medications that can cause adverse side effects
2.Inexpensive, at-home treatments
3.Treatments that don’t disrupt bodily functions and hormones

What are some of the benefits of using Cialis to treat erectile dysfunction?
1.Patients can choose from daily treatments, or as-needed treatments
2.Effective forms of treatment can help to achieve an erection in as little as thirty minutes
3.Medications are often covered by drug prescription plans

Natural treatments for erectile dysfunction include herbal treatments like Zinc and Gingko. These natural herbal treatments are recommended to use through daily therapy and therefore can increase blood flow throughout the body, including the penis. Regular use can be an effective way to get similar results as the Cialis to treat erectile dysfunction and can be a cost-effective and natural way to stimulate the body and treat mild cases of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Cialis uses a more traditional method of treating erectile dysfunction, where blood flow is increased through the penis, therefore improving function and the ability to both achieve and maintain an erection to create regular sexual activity. Patients choosing Cialis can choose from daily doses that range between 2.5 and 5 mg or as-required doses of 20mg that can be taken to enhance the sexual performance, providing results in as little as thirty minutes after the dose has been administered.

Cialis is a more effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, but can come with common side effects that are associated with the drug. With quick results though, most patients are willing to contend with the mild side effects that are caused by the drug. There are multiple treatment options that are available for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction and adjusting dosages of Cialis can help to eradicate the majority of the common side effects that are being experienced – allowing the patient to have a viable option to treat the erectile dysfunction.

Viagra and the Long Term Effects

Patients using Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction may consider using it for a short term period, to deal with short term erectile dysfunction or to achieve an erection every time that sexual activity is initiated.

Long term erectile dysfunction and short term erectile dysfunction can equate to different treatment plans, different diagnoses and different dosages of Viagra for each patient that is undergoing treatment. Learning to distinguish between the two types can help the physician and patient create a treatment plan that can be used to regain the ability to achieve an erection and obtain sexual pleasure and can determine whether the patient can expect to use Viagra and other erectile dysfunction medications for an extended length of time.

Long term erectile dysfunction, where medications are required to allow the male to achieve an erection, often means that medications like Viagra are going to be used for an extended period of time. Patients should be aware of the concerns of using Viagra for extended lengths of time at the beginning of the treatment, to determine the right course of treatment for their needs.

The long term concerns for extended use of Viagra include:

Dependency is perhaps the leading concern for physicians that are prescribing Viagra to patients for the second, third or even the tenth time. Patients can easily become dependent on the effects of the Viagra and therefore lose the ability to achieve an erection without the medication.

To avoid dependency and to ensure that the erectile dysfunction requires medical treatment, it is recommended that the patient try other techniques, natural methods and home remedies, as well as not rushing to get the Viagra prescription filled before the patient chooses Viagra. This way, the patient can rule out the other causes such as stress, smoking and other common causes of erectile dysfunction.

Medication Contraindications
At the time when most men start using Viagra there are very few medications that are being taken as part of the daily routine to treat illness or disease. However, there are many medications that Viagra cannot be used in conjunction with – and therefore the patient should ensure that the physician is kept up to date regarding the medications that the patient has been prescribed.

The patient should ensure that the prescribing physician is aware of the Viagra use, including the correct dosage and the instance of use of Viagra to ensure that there are going to be no indications from the medications being used together. Ensuring that the physician is aware can allow the patient to avoid adverse side effects that can be potentially serious or even life threatening to the patient.

Patients considering Viagra as a treatment for erectile dysfunction should ensure that they fully understand the side effects, indications and the long term effects of using the medication. Understanding this information can ensure that the patient is going to make informed decision regarding the course of treatment for erectile dysfunction.

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